I've been around Lionel trains all my life. My grandfather started with them and set them up every Christmas. My father
and uncle both kept collecting and kept up the tradition of trains at Christmas while us kids were little.  

Although my Dad stopped collecting and sold off most of our trains in the early 90's, my uncle continued to build his
collection. My Uncle and I travel to York twice a year. If you're a collector of any trains and have never been to York, you
need to make that trip. It is well worth it.

 Like most of us, I lost interest in the trains in my late teens to late 20's. In '98, Dad and I decided to start collecting
again and built our first permanent layout which we still haven't finished. It didn't take us long to get the layout up and
running, the scenery is another story. As you can see in the pictures, there's not a whole lot to do.  We mostly collect
Lionel Postwar, but do buy some of the newer pieces that catch our eye. Between the two trips to York each year and
eBay it's much easier to find just about anything we're looking for than it was years ago. We enjoy running the trains,
favoring steam engines, as well as working on them and most all of our pieces have been run on the layout at some time.

  Both Dad and I restore trains, mostly steam engines but some passenger cars and accessories also. Dad is an artist
when it comes to restoring Prewar or Postwar Lionel and his work was well known in Southeast in the '70's & 80's.
Although he restored some really nice sets a few years ago, the past couple years have been spent building and
playing with the RC Boats. We only restore pieces for our collection now, but occasionally will sell some of our
restorations on eBay or at York.

There are pictures of our layouts starting in the 1940's up to present day. There are also videos of the current layout on
Halliday Junction
O guage train layout